Lithium battery low dew point industrial desiccant rotor dehumidifier

Main Parameters: ModelZCH-6000Process Airflow(m3/h)6000Supply Air ParametersT=15-25ºC, RH≤1%), Dew Point TL≤-30ºCPower of Process Fan(kw)7.5Surplus Pressure of the Unit(Pa)≥500Power of Regeneration Fan(kw)1.5Surplus Pressure of Regeneration (Pa)≥300First Rotor RegenerationElectric (kw)12Steam (Kg/h)24S

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Main Parameters:
Process Airflow(m3/h)6000
Supply Air ParametersT=15-25ºC, RH≤1%), Dew Point TL≤-30ºC
Power of Process Fan(kw)7.5
Surplus Pressure of the Unit(Pa)≥500
Power of Regeneration Fan(kw)1.5
Surplus Pressure of Regeneration (Pa)≥300
First Rotor RegenerationElectric (kw)12
Steam (Kg/h)24
Second Rotor RegenerationElectric (kw)24
Steam (Kg/h)48
Steam Pressure(mPa)0.4
Installed Power(kw)Electric Mode45.2
Steam Mode9.2
Power Supply3Phase/380V/50Hz
Cooling Load(kw)90
Operating Principles:

Lithium Battery Low Dew Point Industrial Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier

Supply Air Stream
Outside air is drawn into the unit using the supply fan.
The warm, moist outside air first passes through filters and then the cooling coil where it is cooled.
The air then goes through the desiccant wheel where the air is dehumidified and the temperature is raised.
At last the air is delivered directly to the space or into an existing air handler.

Exhaust Air Stream
Exhaust air is used to provide energy recovery for the desiccant wheel and is drawn into the unit using the exhaust fan.
The air filtered and then heated and humidified during the energy recovery process.
The air is then heated while passing through the regeneration coil.
The heated air removes the moisture that the desiccant wheel adsorbs from the process air stream.

Our Advantages:

- High dehumidifying capacity
- Dry air with super ow humidity can be easily obtained
- It is able to supply dry air with super low dew point less than -70
Celsius degree.
- Its dehumidification performance is more marked under the environment of low temperature and low humidity.
- Easy to operate and management, low operating cost
- Long ife and durable
- Complete equipment model, perfect dehumidification function
- Environment protection, pollution-free

Refrigeration System for Option:

Lithium Battery Low Dew Point Industrial Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier
> War Industry, Scientific Research, Electric Power Transportation
> Lithium Battery Industry, Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Industry
> Chemical, Daily Chemical Industry, Food Beverage Industry
> Safety Glazing Material Industry, Tyre and Rubber Industry
> Medical Instrument, Vegetables Frozen, Precise Instrument
> Wood Goods, Shipbuilding Painting Industry, Kinds of Storages

Lithium Battery Low Dew Point Industrial Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier


Lithium Battery Low Dew Point Industrial Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier

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